The amount of questions our clients have regarding the utilization of the Google Street View service we provide and the management

of their business listing(s) on Google My Business is endless.  This resource page is to provide guidance to our amazing clients in hopes

to guide them in a direction for any questions they may have.

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Reporting a local guide for a review or photo

A Google Local Guide is an individual who is part of the general public that contributes feedback on businesses.  This feedback can be reviews, correcting or adding important information about a business listing, adding photos to a business listing that is relevant to the business.  There are rare circumstances where a Local Guide may leave a review or photo that is in poor taste.  Being dissatisfied and leaving a low star review is not the situation but inappropriate language would be one violation.  If you find a review or photo that you think violates Google Maps' policies, you can 'flag as inappropriate.'


Embedding your tour on a website

With the excitement of having your new tour published on Google's ecosystem, we urge all of our clients to utilize the tour in all ways possible to maximize your visibility.  One great way of doing this is my embedding it on your website using Google Maps API.


Removal of a tour

If your tour was published prior to September 2015 OR was not photographed by 360 Photo, Inc. and you would like it removed from your Google listing, 


Missing address on Google listing?

If you have a brick and mortar business that clients and customers can visit your location for your service or products, you will want to make sure your address is available on your Google listing.

If your listing on Google does not contain your address and should, you will need to modify your Google My Business listing.


Improving your local ranking on google

Local Search results appear in numerous places across Google's ecosystem.  The results appear for people searching for businesses and places based on geographic information.  Although Search results and Google's algorithm are always changing, some best practices are:

  1. Complete Data - Local results favor the most relevant results for each search, and businesses with complete and accurate information are easier to match with the right searches. Make sure that you’ve entered all of your business information in Google My Business, so customers know more about what you do, where you are, and when they can visit you. Provide information like (but not limited to) your physical address, phone number, and category. Make sure to keep this information updated as your business changes. Learn how to edit your business information
  2. Verify Your Business - Verify your business locations to give them the best opportunity to appear for users across Google products, like Maps and Search.
  3. Keep Hours Accurate - Entering and updating your opening hours, including special hours for holidays and special events, lets potential customers know when you’re available and gives them confidence that when they travel to your location, it will be open. 
  4. Manage and Respond to Reviews - Interact with customers by responding to reviews that they leave about your business. Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business. High-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location. Encourage customers to leave feedback by creating a link they can click to write reviews.
  5. Add Photos - Adding photos to your listings shows people your goods and services, and can help you tell the story of your business. Accurate and appealing pictures may also show potential customers that your business offers what they’re searching for.

Embedding on Facebook

Similar to embedding on your website, you can also embed your tour for desktop Facebook users to experience your business by placing a button on your Facebook page.